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May 13-15, 2011
Kangen Signs
Torrance, CA, USA
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About Kangen Signs...

   Kangen Signs has been a family owned and operated business since it began in early 2010. When Robert Ronan, a Kangen Water distributor, decided to demo the properties of this miracle water to the public he found that there were no demo or marketing tools to put on display at presentations that captivated the audience's mind and "glued" their eyes to the important message of what was being demonstrated. Thus, Kangen Signs was born.
   Many of our products have since been inspired by many of Enagic's top distributors and presenters, such as: Robert  Gridelli, Mike Petrucelli, David Lesman, and Derry Fitzsimmons. When they have a need, they come to us for a solution and we produce it. Our demo materials can literally be seen being used all over the world by successful Kangen Water distributers.
   Kangen Signs' mother company, Sign Center, has been in the printing, advertising, and marketing business for over 20 years in southern California. We produce all materials from beginning to end and stand behind everything we create 100%. We are committed to offering the best demo and marketing products to make ALL your presentations, big or small, an instant success and help you look and feel like a pro!
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