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   This week, Kangen Signs had the privilege of interviewing Diana Snyder Hester, founder of the very popular Facebook group "Enagic Exchange" which recently surpassed 1,400 members. Read below to learn what has helped make Diana a success and a respected member of the expanding 'Kangen community'. 
Diana Snyder Hester - Texas, USA
Kangen Signs (KS): When did you first get involved in the Kangen Water business?
Diana Snyder Hester: "November 6th, 2011"
KS: What success have you found since starting?
Diana Snyder Hester: "I have 46 machines sold in my business as of today. My goal is to reach 6A by Valentine's Day and 6A2 by Christmas 2013. When I came into the business, it was long distance and there were no meetings. I began first by starting Enagic Exchange so I would have a place to learn!"
KS: What's the most successful way, that you found, to sell machines?
Diana Snyder Hester:"I began my Enagic journey where I should have, making sure my friends and family became acquainted with the water.   I then began to expose people to the water at  Farmer's Markets.  I spent quite a bit of time developing membership for Enagic Exchange so there would be a support forum for newbies like myself.  Once my team started growing, I began helping  them with their goals and training because I want 6A2's on my team.  I held an event in Houston and one of my team members drove almost 2000 miles to come!  That's dedication!  I have a great group of people and it is growing.  With all that, I feel that I am just getting started.  I am starting monthly meetings the first part of October and  teaching team to commit to mini demo a day for 90 days, getting people started on the water and bringing the interested ones to a meeting. Get people started on the water and educate them along the way.  Follow-up, follow-up and follow-up some more.  Anybody can drop a few drops to show what the other person is drinking and give that thirsty person the water they need.  The key is being prepared to do  demo when the opportunity arises."
KS: What would be one piece of advice you'd like to give to new distributers?
Diana Snyder Hester: "My recommendation to you is never, ever quit Enagic.  Never quit drinking, never quit talking about it, and never quit sharing and you will make 6A eventually. If you do these things; expose, educate and experience the water, it is not a matter of if you become a 6A but when...you decide."
KS: What advice do you have on branding and marketing yourself in the Enagic business?
Diana Snyder Hester: "Branding is also very important. When you have an event, meeting or booth, make sure it looks professional.  I love the beautiful banners at Kangen Signs. Kangen Signs has all that you need to put on a professional meeting to attract the kind of interest you desire. Don't skimp on the branding. It takes a while to get all you want on your Kangen Signs "wish list", if you are like me, but it will last a lifetime which is perfect for Enagic. It is a lifetime business. The first thing I bought from Kangen Signs was the simple and brilliant flip chart because even a newbie like myself understands it and can do a demonstration with it."
KS: Any final comments?
Diana Snyder Hester: "I would like to invite you to friend request me,  Diana Snyder Hester, on Face Book. I will add you to Enagic Exchange and you can add your friends and prospects.  It is a great way to stay plugged into the community and get your questions answered as well as expose your prospects to the great Kangen Culture..friends helping one another no matter who benefits."
Diana Snyder Hester's Tools of Choice
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Anne Gagnon - Ontario, Canada
Kangen Signs (KS): When did you first get involved in the Enagic business?
Anne Gagnon: "In July, 2009"
KS: What success have you found since starting?
Anne Gagnon: "I purchased the unit for my health when I was living in Montreal, then I lost all arthritis pain and hot flashes withing 3 weeks of drinking the water. I started sharing the water on a part time basis, then moved back to Ontario and opened the Kangen Water Academy in September 2011. Then when I really started pushing the business was when I quit my full time job back in April 2012 and I'm a 4A now."
KS: What method of selling do you find the most success in?
Anne Gagnon: "Sharing it and using the 30 day challenge!"
KS: What would be the one piece of advice you'd give to new distributors?
Anne Gagnon: "Follow up and keep following up and when people start on my 30 day challenge I get them to sign a commitment and they must pick up minimum of twice a week. By signing an agreement, people keep their word!"
KS: What's your favorite sale's tool from the Kangen Signs website?
Anne Gagnon: "The pH, ORP, and Micro-Clustering charts."
Anne Gagnon's Tools of Choice
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