Price Guide 
Digital Print Wall Wrap 
$6.00 per sq. ft.
$8.00 per sq. ft.
Interior Raised Letter Sign 
$450.00 (4'x6') 
Digital Banner 
Display Signs 
$20.00 (12"x16")
$45.00 (22"x28")
$125.00 (36"x46") 
Window Decals 
$6.00 per sq. ft.
$8.00 per sq. ft.
   Kangen Signs is a full custom sign company that can create any eye-catching design or exciting  display your imagination may come up with. Our signs, banners, graphics, decals and wall wraps can be seen in Kangen Water Stores, restaurants, physician's offices, and professional Demo Rooms from Orlando, Florida to Torrance, California.
Kangen Signs/ Sign Center
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